A faster, low-cost way to learn at work


Crammut is an online platform where companies can create, keep track and complete learning paths while earning coins and complete a card collection.

Crammut revolves around what we have called a ‘learning path’. A learning path is a list of formal and informal resources — blog posts, videos, books, MOOCs… you name it — set to learn from an specific field. Most of us have many books on our Amazon wish-list and many unread Medium posts, but we never get the time to really put ourselves into it — ‘til now! Crammut is the place to arrange all these materials and set a deadline to learn from them.

Using Crammut is very easy. Once you join the platform, you can create a learning path from scratch and store it in your private library or you just can pick one from our public library. We have spent quite some time digging and hand-picking some of the most interesting and useful blog posts and videos we could find about almost everything. Assign this learning path you yourself or to a member of your team et voilà! The different tasks will be automatically scheduled so you can learn at your own pace. Every time you complete a task, you will be rewarded with coins, which you can use to complete a card collection. Sounds fun, huh?

But wait, there’s more. Not only you can select and assign learning paths to your people, you can check their progress over time too! Which skills are they working on? Do they have any overdue tasks? See who’s working on their professional development and who needs a push in the right direction. Plus, when someone finishes a learning path, he or she can rate it so your company will know which learning paths are more effective.

Crammut is here to be a game-changer in agile tailored learning at work and we would love every company who wants to boost its professional development strategy to join us. We’ll have fun. 🙂


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María Tatay Sanzsegundo – CEO

I’ve worn many hats along the way, but in all of them I could do what I like the most – connecting people and learning something new every day. Now my mission is to make you all lifelong learners too!


Edgar Gámez López – CTO and developer

Full stack developer since +6 years ago, coding is not just a job for me, it’s a lifestyle. My job is to keep Crammut’s back-end up and running – so if you find a bug, here I am!


Jaime Grau Ferris – CMO

BA in Audiovisual Communication and a freak of innovation and new technologies, I’m in charge of the game design and letting the world know how awesome Crammut is.


Sergio Linares Martínez – Front-end developer

Developer specialized in front-end. I juggle between styles, elements and Javascript. I lived in Sweden for a while but I’m back in sunny Valencia.


David Serrano Perpiñá – Product Designer

I studied Audiovisual Communication, but I’ve always loved doodling since I was a child. The design, UX and all the cute, colourful illustrations on Crammut are mine. Currently working on Facebook as a Product Designer – Crammut is my sidekick project.






Crammut is an original idea from Prisma, a software company based in sunny Valencia.

Prisma’s team is composed by five millennials who decided to invest their savings and fund their own startup in 2016. Determined to prove that work isn’t a dull place to spend countless hours, but a place to achieve personal growth and satisfaction, they have been developing and selling gamified platforms for in-house purposes, especially, for the HR and digital transformation areas — or, ass they usually say, ‘we make employees fall in love with their company’s processes by using games’.

In these two years and a half, Prisma has worked side by side with some top-notch national and international companies, such as Consum, the City Council of Valencia, American Express or Aguas de Valencia, to name a few. Now, their next mission is to go worldwide with Crammut and help other companies to set an agile tailored learning culture.