Payment Terms

The following constitutes additional Terms and Conditions, supplementary to those of the CRAMMUT service available at, applicable to the paid plan services.


The paid services consist of the use of all features of CRAMMUT once the 14-day free trial ends during the period contracted (monthly or annual), counted from the time that the user contracts the service. These features include, among others:

  • Create, keep track of learning paths and store them in your private library
  • Assign learning paths to yourself and your team
  • Edit assigned learning paths (from the library or your team’s profile)
  • Rate a learning path once you’ve finished it
  • Invite people to join Crammut (they’ll receive an invitation email) and assign them skills and learning paths
  • Collect coins
  • Receive email notifications
  • Buy cards with your coins
  • Add custom skills


The contract of the service will be made at the time the Admin User accepts the conditions and makes payment.

The contract shall be automatically renewed for monthly or annual periods, depending on the period contracted, unless the Admin User, at any time, decides to cancel the contract through the “Billing” section.


The service will be invoiced in advance with monthly or annual frequency, depending on the period contracted.


As has been mentioned, the cancellation of the contract may be carried out at any time by accessing the section “Billing”, although CRAMMUT will not refund any amount for contracts that are cancelled before reaching their end date.


The prices of the services offered through the website include VAT and any other taxes that may be applicable.

VAT is the value added tax that must be applied to CRAMMUT services sold within the European Union (EU).

•If the user is located within Spanish territory, VAT must be paid in all cases.

•If the user is located in the EU and has received a VAT number issued by a member state of the European Union, they may use their VAT number when making payment and thus be exempt from paying VAT.


The user must make payment through a credit or debit card.

CRAMMUT states that it has no access to sensitive data related to the payment method used by the user, nor does it store said information. Only the entity corresponding to the payment process (Stripe) has access to this data for payment management, being a certified entity such as PCI Service Provider Level 1.

The Admin User is responsible for ensuring their credit card data is up to date and may communicate any changes through the “Billing” section.

If a payment cannot be processed, the Admin User is informed that their contract may be cancelled by CRAMMUT.


The Admin User can cancel its user account at any time by entering the “Billing” section. Cancellation of the account will imply the impossibility of accessing the account not just the Admin User, but also the Chief teams and Users too and the removal of all data stored on the platform.


In accordance with the characteristics of the services, and taking into account that these are products created in conformance with the specifications of the user and are clearly customized, the user will have no right to withdrawal.


The present conditions are subject to Spanish law.