Upgrade your employees’ skills faster with self-learning culture
The company view
Check your employees’ learning progress at a glance.
Crammut shows what an email or a Trello Board can’t -- A complete and updated dashboard of your company’s learning history.
See how many learning content everybody has completed or how many overdue tasks every person has.
Talent pool and Stats
A bird’s eye of your company’s learning activity. Know where your team is growing at a glance.
We segment your teams based on their proactivity and punctuality -- Who is adding new learning materials in the library? Who is completing learning items from the library proactively? And who is slacking?
Spot the strengths and weaknesses of your team, the most effective learning lists and your top-notch employees quickly.
Learning to-do lists
Pack a bunch of items! Create a to-do list of learning materials and them will schedule automatically when you assign it to a user.
You can create paths from scratch or reuse one of your company library. Assign those learning lists to your team members or let them choose for themselves. Any training resource you can imagine can be included in a list: books, online courses, Youtube tutorials, podcasts, meetings...
Company library
Leave learning resources on the library for others to reuse it in the future
Whether you assign learning content for your team or team members assign one for their own, all these items will be available for everybody in your own private library. Plus, learning resources are rated once the users finish them, so you can assign the best-rated items to your team.
You also can assign skills to users, so they will know what kind of items are better for them and find these resources on their library category. There is always a new thing to learn!
Game elements and feedback
Make learning at work FUN-damental. Get instant feedback every time you complete a task or a list.
Crammut is full of game elements that work as automatic feedback to keep your team’s engagement high. What’s more, coins are exchanged to buy cards related to good practices in business - Let the game begin!