Track self-learning in your company efficiently
Assign Youtube videos, posts or books to employees, and keep track of what your team is learning or should learn next.
Do you want to receive a video-tour by email?
Track all your employees’ learning progress in one platform
What happens after you share a Medium post by email or a list of books with a colleague? Exactly, you have no clue.
Use Crammut to track everything you need to know -- who is actually completing learning content and who’s not, who’s learning extra skills or who has overdue tasks.
Build your own learning library and encourage continuous learning
Don’t waste time looking for a link in your inbox or Slack channel! All your learning content are automatically available and classified on your company library.
So, if someone is hungry for learning, they just can go to the library and pick a to-do list that matches their skills.
Automatic task schedule + notifications mean no more unattended learning tasks
If your team struggles with finding time to work on their skills, say no more!
Our platform can schedule learning content automatically so your employees just have to stick with the timetable.
Plus, instant feedback and game elements will boost your employees’ commitment to finish their contents and enrol in new ones.
Get feedback and assign the proper resource for each employee
Employees rate the content when they complete it, so those yet to come can choose the best option.
You can also find out the most popular items. Does Susan usually complete books rather than videos? Got it! Assign books to Susan, not videos.
Turn your company into a learning community!
How Crammut Works
Assign skills to your employees
As your team will know which skills are a priority for the company so they can work on them on their own.
Assign learning items to employees
Assign books, videos and posts to one or more employees. Do it from scratch or pick items from your company library.
Let employees earn coins in return
Every time a person completes a task from the to-do list, they will earn coins which they can buy cards to complete a card collection.
Track your employees’ progress down
Check your progress or your team’s over time. You can also check if they are completing learning contents assigned by themselves.
Review the learning items
Lists can be rated and saved on your company’s private library so others can pick it and use it too.